Universal Giving



What is it?  Universal Giving (UG) permits donors to pledge to any approved Local CFC charity no matter where the donors or the charity is geographically located.  Previously, only Local charities specific to our campaign area were available to our donors.  Universal Giving now makes all Local agencies in all CFC regions everywhere accessible as well.  Thus, donors who wish to stay involved with a favorite charity or charities elsewhere may do so through UG.


How does Universal Giving work?  Universal Giving charities will only be listed in available on-line giving tools, and are not included in the paper publication.  If you wish to donate to a local charity elsewhere, log in to our NEXUS on-line giving tool to search for the charity you want to support.  Then enter the charity’s 5-digit code either on your paper pledge form or in the on-line donation tool, complete the form and submit!  It’s that easy!